DRAFT Comprehensive & Economic Development Plans Available for Viewing & Comment

Each Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan is now available for comment. Please see the links below and let us know if you have comments or questions on the content.

Cover | 13169001_draft_cover

Chapter 1 :: Introduction | 13169001_draft_chapter1_introduction

Chapter 2 :: Planning Process & Public Participation | 13169001_draft_chapter2_publicparticipation

Chapter 3 :: Vision, Goals & Objectives | 13169001_draft_chapter3_goalsobjectives

Chapter 4 :: Land Use | 13169001_draft_chapter4_landuse

Chapter 5 :: Action Plan | 13169001_draft_chapter5_actionplan

Appendix A :: Community Indicators Report | 13295001_draft_appendixa_communityindicators

Appendix B :: Maps | 13169001_draft_appendixb_maps

Economic Development Plan | 13169001_le-roy_ed_finaldraft_plan_111016

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