Tuesday, November 1, 2016

4:30pm – 6:30pm | Le Roy City Hall 

What’s Our Tomorrow? This is the question Steering Committee Members and City Staff and Council asked themselves over a year ago. To find that answer, the City teamed with MSA Professional Services, Inc. to overhaul the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Open House is the final stage of this process. And the City of Le Roy invites and encourages the public — all residents and interested parties — to participate in our community’s tomorrow by reviewing and commenting on the draft Comprehensive Plan.

A Comprehensive Plan is a useful and important part of securing a coherent and unified vision and guide for the future of Le Roy. This guide will ensure the City continues to provide quality services, facilities, and land management for its residents.

In addition to a Comprehensive Plan, an Economic Development Plan has been created to help guide the future of commercial and industrial expansion and growth within Le Roy.

To view the draft materials online, visit:

For more information:

City of Le Roy
207 S East Street
Le Roy, Illinois 61752
(309) 962-3031


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